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Online blackjack games


General Introduction:

The concept of blackjack has always been the same: Try to get 21, or beat the dealer, and don’t bust (get over 21)!  Face cards are worth ten points, Aces are either 1 or 11, and numbered cards are worth their face value.  The game starts when the dealer deals you two cards, one face up for the table to see, and one face down.  Add your cards together in your head, and decide if you want another card (hit) or not (stay).  Be careful on the sums (13-17) if the next card you get is too high, you can bust!  As long as you don’t bust, and your hand beats the dealer, the dealer doubles your bet.

Playing online for free:

With the innovation of free online casino games, you can now play blackjack from the comfort of your home without ever stepping foot in a casino.  Not only that, but you can play online as long as you want, without using real money. If you run out of money in the game, close it out and find another blackjack game from a different casino site.

Blackjack betting strategies:

Since you’re playing online, there’s not too big of a concern about how much to bet.  However, you can practice your betting strategies online, so that when you do go to the casino you’ll know what strategies work, and which ones don’t.  The two most common betting strategies are:

  1. Just simply listen to your instincts. When they tell you to bet high, bet high.
  2. Another simple betting strategy that works, is increment betting.  Increase or decrease your bets in small increments based solely on weather you won or lost the last hand.


Playing Blackjack on your computer or mobile device:

If you want to play on your mobile device, there are plenty of blackjack apps to download and play from.  Otherwise type: play blackjack free into your favorite search engine.  Pick a site that looks fun, and enjoy playing!