Beetle Frenzy

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Beetle Frenzy (Slot Game)

Beetle Frenzy

 (Slot Game) was released  in may, 2008 by NetEnt1. It is essentially a 9 reel, 5 line game. The game is non-progressive. At first, it looks like a 3 reel game, but the reels can spin separately from each other. It is basically a newer, online version of the classic fruit slots, and they even designed it to reminisce the old ones. It has 2D graphics, and plays a similar tune what could have hear back in the day.

Game Features

Beetle Frenzy works with nine reels, and has five betting lines, just like the old ones. The player can activate all five of them for as low as 0.50. The maximum bet is 25.00, and the standard jackpot rewards with 500 coins.

The game’s wild symbol is represented by the Lighting bug, which of course means, it can replace any other symbols, except for the Gold Apple, and the Bug Jar, that represents the scatter, and bonus symbols respectively.

Scatter symbol

The Gold Apple represents the scatter symbol in the game, an it can complete any line, if two, or more are present on the screen. It also acts as a multiplier, depending on the amount of the bet.

The Lighting Bug symbol represents the bonus symbol in the game, and it cannot act as a substitute for the scatter symbol.

Spin Bonus Feature

This bonus round is triggered when all four corners, or the four middle areas has the same symbol appear.

The game has another bonus round, when 3 Flower symbols appear with the same colour, and they’re also happen to be on a bet line, the game will trigger the Frenzy Bonus that allows to multiply winnings.

Successive symbols

  • 3 gold apple pays 40 coins
  • 3 blue flowers pays 20 coins
  • 3 pink flowers pays 10 coins
  • 3 orange flowers pays 6 coins
  • 3 bees pays 4 coins
  • 3 mushrooms pays 4 coins
  • 3 blue bugs pays 3 coins
  • 3 mixed flowers pays 2 coins
  • 3 green bugs pays 2 coins
  • 3 ladybugs pays 2 coins
  • 2 ladybugs pays 1 coin