Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle – a casino game


The Bermuda Triangle is a famous place and it is intriguing because of the disappearances that took place there over the years. But now it is also a casino slot game which will not make you disappear, but can make money appear into your pockets if you manage to create winning combinations of three symbols of the same on one of the 5 paylines that you can play on.

Details of the game

The game has a traditional design and it does not contain any of the new and modern features usually met in the new slot games of our days. But the advantage of this game upon other game from the same area is that the bet is low enough and the winning combinations can reward you quite good. So why not take a chance into this old-fashioned, yet interesting, slot game?

Game bonuses

Although the game is very simple and it does not have any of the special symbols usually met in slot games, such as wild, scatter or bonus symbols, it is still an interesting game to play, due to its theme and graphics as well as for the low bet amount that can be used to win big prizes. For instance, the biggest prize that a player can win in this game is of 1000 credits, while the maximum number of credits per bet is of 5.

Where to play this game

Bermuda Triangle can be played on any device, especially as it is a very simple game which does not have many requirements. It can be played for free, if you only wish to try it, or for real money – if you really wish to benefit of its winning opportunities in the exchange of low amounts of money used to bet for each spin. You only have to select the coin denomination and the number of lines – up to 5 and start the spinning of the reels.