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Casino Slots – Hitting the Jackpot with Cashanova


Cashanova 101

In Cashanova you play the role of Roger the Rooster. Roger is looking for the love of his life Henrietta, and he needs your help to find her. But be careful because the villainous Dawg is on the prowl, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prevent Roger from seeing Henrietta. Cashanova gives you a 5 reel, 30 playline and 300 coin slot game that could see you becoming a winner more than once. Multiple playlines means multiple big win opportunities and the more likely you’ll get Roger to his one true love. 

The Appeal

What makes Cashanova so appealing is the loveable story that is behind the slot game. While most slot games don’t find it necessary to put a story in, this one not only puts in a good one, but it’s the kind of story that will motivate you to want to keep playing in order to receive that happy ending between the two characters. Plus, this slot game has a ton of video graphics and great music that plays in the background. The natural ambiance of the game will appeal to adults young or old. Then of course there’s the 150,000 coins which is a pretty enticing offer.

Gotta Keep Going

So of course the best way to go and get Cashanova to the amount that you want to bank out of, the key is to hit as many of those multipliers as possible. Be sure to be on the lookout for Roger’s wild card symbol too. With this wild card you’ll be able to substitute any symbol for a specific one that will help you net a chain and give you a big win. The henhouse symbol, meanwhile, represents the scatter that comes with most slot machines. Use this on any of the five reels and you’ll get a scatter bonus that will net you a bigger multiplier.

Going Mobile

For those who don’t want to go out to the casino, there’s also Cashanova on most mobile device. Now you can take Roger the Rooster everywhere you go!

  1. Go on your mobile device’s browser
  2. Search for and click the link that gets you to Cashanova
  3. Make a bet and click the spin button to get the game started
  4. Keep playing and enjoy the story as it unfolds. Can you stop Dawg and get Roger to Henrietta? Good luck!