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Casino Slots – How You Can Become an Ace Player in Cashville


Welcome to Cashville

If you love money, and you enjoy the high class lifestyle, then you’re going to want to spend some time in Cashville. No, it’s not a real place, but it can be found in a virtual slot machine. If only such a place existed. With so much money to be found and so much luxurious living to be had, it’s far too tempting to sit back and spin those reels around.


Population: You

Cashville can’t run without your helps, so come on over and check out what Cashville has to offer. You’ll get to see the kind of sights and hear the sounds that are usually reserved for the big bucks. These are the big money spenders who throw away millions without a thought. You can be part of this. Just be sure to keep your eye out on the various symbols that come with the game such as the jewels, the bonds, the dollar bills and of course those fabulous Cuban cigars.


Enjoy Your Stay

Once you’ve got the basics down, then it’s time to go and look for the Wild symbol. This wild symbol, which is simply a big bold W, will replace any of the money symbols that you might be missing in order to make a winning combination. These wild cards are the key to big cash earnings, so make sure you net as many of those as possible. Also look for a bold S because that’s the scatter symbol. Get three of these scatter symbols and watch the dollars come pouring in. It can only happen in a place like Cashville.


Moving Cashville to Your Computer

Does Cashville sound like your kind of town? Want more? Then go to your computer or mobile device and log yourself into Cashville today.


  1. Find Cashville using the search engine on your browser
  2. Download and start the game up
  3. Make the bet for the amount that you want to add in and hit the spin button
  4. Watch the combinations come flying by. Collect wild cards and scatter shots and you’ll be on top of the Cashville world.