Goddess of Life

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How to Play Goddess of Life?


General Introduction

Goddess of life is an interesting video game that is designed by taking inspiration of theology and scenery. The game has set of interesting symbols including a Stonehenge-like altar, a female druid, flower-adorned poker cipher and four rudiments including earth, fire, water and air. The game has plenty of interesting features with 2D graphics, colorful but crispy art and relaxing music and sounds effects from natural world. It will be fun to play this game because of its diversity.

Technical Details

This 5-reel and 20-line slot game can be played for real cash in an arcade mode. Player can use single coin per line and the size of coin ranges from 0.20 to 500. You can choose a payline by clicking it because your each click will activate a payline. Numbered buttons are also available at the both sides of reels to activate paylines. Select maximum bet for each payline and spin the reels. You can stop the spinning at any time because the spinning button will be changed into “Stop” after you hit “Spin”.

Available Bonus

Maximum bet for one line in 10,000 and on this bet you can win a jackpot of worth more than 5 million. It is perfect game for those who want to earn enough amount of money. Druid is used for both the jackpot and wild symbol. Goddess of Life symbol is a scatter symbol that can help you to get more rewards.

How to Play Goddess of Life on Your Computer or Mobile Device?

Goddess of life is an interesting game with amazing graphics. It is best for those who love nature and the best thing is its easy accessibility on computer and mobile devices. Following are some tips that will help you to play this game on computer or mobile devices:

  • Launch browser on your device and open up Goddess of Life.
  • You will get increase/decrease buttons to select your bet size. Hit you required button to change your bet size and hit spinning.
  • You can hit “Auto Spin” to spin the reels for maximum number of times.
  • Now it will be your luck, either you get winning line or not.