Highway Kings

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Highway Kings slots – Or Kings of the Highway


General Introductions:

The general theme of this slot game is pretty easy to grasp.  Since truckers are the Kings of the highway…at least in their opinion.  You could do some cool stuff with this theme if you wanted, but the graphics for this game, were just rather disappointing.  The symbols are just general clip art that everyone’s seen around a bunch. There’s no animation, it’s just not that exciting. Plus for a truckers theme, I’m just wondering…what the dice are doing there?  Do all truckers have fuzzy dice hanging from their mirrors, or are all truckers gamblers?  I don’t know how many truckers play online slots, but I don’t think they would care for either insinuation!  Perhaps this criticism is too harshly doled out though.  You’ll have to play, and judge for yourself.


Jackpot feature:

Another feature that’s just a little disappointing about this game is that free players can’t hit the jackpot.  You have to be a paying player before the jackpot symbol is even loaded onto your game.  The jackpot is 10,000x coin multiplier, but it just seems that this way of doing it entirely defeats the purpose of free online slot games.


Overall consensus:

There’s no bonus round, the graphics are mediocre…if that, and on top of it all, you have to pay to access the jackpot.  I would say in general this slot game greatly disappoints.  Hopefully you hold it in higher regard.  I wouldn’t suggest wasting your hard earned money on it though.


Playing Highway Kings on your computer or mobile device:

There is currently no app for Highway Kings to download via your app store, so playing on a mobile device is much the same as finding the game on your computer.

  •  Open your favorite search engine
  •  Type in: Play Highway Kings online
  •  Click and play!