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Casino Slots – Knowing the Game of Hitman


Becoming an Agent

Welcome to the dangerous world of Hitman. Here you’ll play the role of Agent 47, one of the most notorious Hitmen to ever live. You have been assigned a mission to come out with as much winnings as possible while avoiding getting shivved or lacerated from behind by the enemy. You’ll have to spin your way to multiple payouts along with the various wild cards and free spins that will help you accomplish your mission. Should you choose to accept, you’ll find it very possibly to walk out with a ton of cash in your pockets just like the most elite of Hitmen.


Looking Good, Agent!

Based on the popular Hitman video game series developed by IO Interactive, the Hitman slot game puts you dead center in the underground world of hitmen and assassins. Here you’ll be able to challenge a 5 reel, 15 payline video slot machine that doesn’t joke around when it comes time to do some business. Its action theme aside, these photo realistic visuals and studio surround sounds will blow you away. It will make you feel like you’re part of the video game itself! It’s no wonder that the Hitman slot machine has picked up a much younger audience than most of the other machines.


Wild Spins and Contracts

When you’re Agent 47, you’ve got to have a lot of toys and gadgets in your arsenal in order to earn the big bucks. Bypass the enemy and get yourself as many free spins as possible. See if you can get to the max of 18. You can double the spins by matching three Hitmen insignias together. Watch out for the Contract Bonus that will make a multiplier for your earnings. Once you spin, stand back and watch as Agent 47 takes down his targets while earning as many bonuses as possible. Betting big could earn you as many as 67,500 coins! Think you got what it takes?


Take Your Hitmen Activities Elsewhere

Now instead of heading to the casino, you can find the Hitman slot game on your computer. Better yet, grab a mobile device and you can play Hitman wherever you go.


  1. Get Hitman on your browser
  2. Download the game
  3. Start the game, make your bets and hit the spin button
  4. Watch the multipliers go and pray for those wild cards. You’ll need them