Jack’s T-Rex

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How to play Jacks T Rex



This is a story about a boy called Jack who finds a strange looking egg, he keeps it and then eventually it hatches and grows into a T Rex. Jack keeps this T Rex in the barn on his farm and this gets him into all sorts of trouble. When you start to play this game you will see that there are characters and icons such as Jack, the farm house, a toy plane, the egg and so many more. You will come across all of these images at some point in the game and they will give you chances of winning as they come to life right in front of your very eyes.

Technical Details

With symbols that are 3D and images that move, this game is far from boring or mundane. This game boasts 20 pay lines and 5 reels that have the symbols and other images on. You will know if you have got a winning combination because the symbols will become animated. This is another game that is good for the player as there are so many more ways to win money with different combinations. There are features and other things in this game so you know that when you play Jacks T Rex that there is going to be a whole lot of fun involved.

Available Bonuses

The bonuses are very good in this game and can make the player a good amount of winnings, but like always if you get it wrong then your bonus may not be that good after all. With winning combinations such as the T Rex begin wild, it is a substitute for any of the other symbols that you see on the reels in the game.

Playing the game on your mobile device or computer

This game is the same on either your computer or your mobile device, it has all the same features and the graphics are just as good too. So if you are ready to be Jack and travel with him on his adventure then you are going to need to know what to do:

  • So open your browser to get the game
  • Decide how many lines you are going to activate
  • Then choose your betting amount
  • Spin the reels by pushing the spin button
  • Watch the reels spin and see what they land on