Jason and the Golden Fleece

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Jason and The Golden Fleece – Are You Ready for An Epic Adventure?

A General Introduction

Jason and the Golden Fleece is the free slots no download new collection of slots Platinum Play .This casino version history of Jason and the Argonauts recreates the epic journey of the Greek heroes in search of the Golden Fleece that Jason returned to his rightful throne.

The best thing about this machine is the bonus mini-games, six distinct and consecutive mini games linked through the route followed Jason on his journey from Iolkus to Colchis. Keep reading to learn how to play, because you can win prizes are many and will not want to miss.

Technical details:

Jason and the Golden Fleece, or Jason and the Golden Fleece, is a five-reel slot machines and 25 pay lines. The typewriter has regular wildcard, wildcard scatter and a function of 10 free spins with a multiplier of x3. ‘s jackpot during the free spins feature is 220 000 coins. The bonus mini games are activated when three or more wildcard draw scatters. The scatter of this game is, of course, the Golden Fleece, the golden calf skin protected by a dragon who claimed possessed wealth. The first time you activate the bonus mini game is passed to Iolkus for the following times to advance in six stages to Colchis.

Available bonuses:

From Iolkus to Colchis: the route of bonuses

·         Iolcus

·         Mysia, Misia

·         Sympleglades,Simpleglades

·         Crete

·         Sirenum

·         Colchis


How you play on computer and cellphone:

  • Open the game in browser and download it. You will have different options.
  • In Iolcus, choose six of the 12 shields from the armory.
  • In Mysia, destroy four harpy of a feather and will take the prize for that color.
    • In Crete, the bonus Crete will have to spin a wheel of fortune with various multipliers of your original bet.
    • In Sirenum bonus siren presented a series of five cards face down. Having lifted the first letter must decide whether the following is higher (high ) or lower ( low ). If they are right, go to the next letter. Guess right more cards, the higher the prize money, which are the original bet multipliers.
    •  In Simple glades, this bonus will test your ambition. Floating in the waters of the strait will be presented with three objects, one after another. You can only choose one of them, but the problem is they do not know what will be offered later. 
    •   In Colchis: Choose from the bottles of ingredients, each with a different prize. Once destroyed the dragon, will capture the Golden Fleece and return to his throne: his mission is over.