Mad Hatters

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Casino Slots – Knowing the Ins and Outs of Mad Hatters


Not So Maddening

As to be expected, this slot machine has the theme of Alice in Wonderland. But more specifically, it involves the crazy times and crazier parties that are left by the Mad Hatter himself. The mad hatter is capable of just about anything, and that makes for one of the funniest, most entertaining slot games available now. Mad Hatters comes with 5 reels and 30 paylines which include all kinds of cakes, ice cream, cupcakes and familiar characters from the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland.


Party Time

With Mad Hatters you’ll feel like you are a part of a big party. The graphics and sounds that come from the Mad Hatters machine will make it look and sound like you’ve fallen into Wonderland yourself. In addition, the various features that come with it include the scatters, the wild symbol, free spins and a special “Cuckoo” bonus game that you’ll go crazy over. There are so many opportunities to win and hit the big jackpot from each reel that you’re bound to go mad about it. Perhaps that’s the point!


Better Variety

Mad Hatters is great with the variety of wins. You’ve got your free spins which tend to be common for most games, and the Cuckoo clocks you can collect will net you additional bonuses. Lining up three or more of the same reels will open up these bonus features. Pick and choose your bonuses carefully because the right combination could potentially earn you up to 11,100 coins!


Bring the Madness Home

Don’t want to go crazy in a casino? Then you can play Mad Hatters on your computer or even on your mobile device. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll have a blast playing through to the jackpot at the end.


  1. Simply open your browser and access Mad Hatters
  2. Download the game to either device
  3. Make a bet on the amount you want to start with and click the spin button to watch the madness go.
  4. Hit as many multipliers and free spins as possible so you can earn the big jackpot