Max Damage and the Alien Attack

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Don’t miss your chance to play the exciting game of Max Damage and the Alien Attack


General review:

Microgaming has done it again with their combination of an internet slot and an arcade game to provide something completely exclusive in Max Damage and the Alien Attack game. This is not a slots game since there are no reels, no pay lines, no spining or anything else that create up a common slot game. Examine out the improvements in this arcade game and get a flavor of what the encounter has to provide at Red Cleanse on the internet casino!

Game Description

As we’ve described, there are no reels or paylines as in on the internet slots but it is rather a capturing game where you are in management of your very own spacecraft. When the encounter sneakers off you are granted 6 lifestyles that you will hold on to since as with most arcade games, your game finishes when you have missing all of your lifestyles. Do not hopelessness though as there are many methods to improve your wellness as you go about enjoying. To get through the 9 stages you must capture the peculiar delivers that either come at you arbitrarily, or in structures, and you will discover that the encounter becomes more challenging as you create your way through the stages. At the end of each stage you will get unique benefits that improve with each stage and if you destroy the Level Manager you will get even larger benefits than what you would get for the peculiar delivers.

Special Features

This product new Red Flush on the internet slot operated by Microgaming is loaded with requirements to guideline and helps you along your pursuit to eliminate peculiar delivers and get your arms on those big bonuses. There are many factors that will keep you in existence and secure your ship for example shields, boosters as well as completely free weapon improvements and ammunition loading where highly effective weaponry help you to take out the delivers. When you get to the ultimate stage unsaved you will also have an opportunity to be placed on the Top Ratings leader board where your top position, along with the time frame and position of your success will feature!

Playing Max Damage and the Alien Attack on a Mobile or Computer Device

  1. Open up Max Damage and the Alien Attack arcade slot
  2. Select your number of coins or bet per clicking on right and left arrow
  3. Hit the run button which will start, if you’re lucky and you obtain a way winning
  4. It is arcade game so there is no spinning reel. It will run directly with short keys