No Mercy

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How to play No Mercy online casino slot



This is another slot machine game that is 3D, the graphics are excellent and the theme of the game is the age of prohibition, there are gangsters and coppers and even dolls in this brilliant game. The clips that you will see throughout the game as you play are just like movie-clips with animation that will blow your socks off you will feel as if you have been taken back into 1920s Chicago as a gangster who is trying to not only stay on top but also from the long arm of the law.


Technical Details

As you play the gangster in this game you will extort money and try to intimidate people so you can make money and get to the top. Nothing is going to stand in your way and shooting people is the only way to get what you want. There is a cop who is after you and will do any thing he can to catch you, this cop is the wild symbol once he appears on the screen he will then shoot his gun so he takes over the screen from the third reel and he will replace all the other symbols meaning that you can win lots of credits.


Available Bonuses

The name of the game is extortion, and this is the bonus round, once you have collected the prizes via the symbols you will be on the hunt for more money and you will be on the lookout for the Old Timer Car symbol. You will be taken onto the streets of Chicago where you will be able to take money from other people, so the more money you accumulate the better it is for you.


Playing this game on a mobile device or computer

If it is mob adventure you are after then you will get this on both a mobile device or computer. Prepare yourself to be taken back to the 20s and see for yourself what it would have been like back then as a gangster. So what you will need to do is:


  • Open your browser
  • Once the game has started you will need to activate your lines
  • Placed your bets
  • Press the spin button and see where they stop
  • Enjoy at