Neptunes Kingdom

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Neptune’s Kingdom Mythical slot


General Introduction:

Hey man, this game is pretty cool.  It’s pretty classic, with three reels.  The only difference s there’s five pay lines.  Which gives you an advantage over the truly classic three reeled, one pay line slots.  Who doesn’t love a slight advantage?  It also just has a cool underwater mythological theme to it.  With tridents and treasure chests, this game won’t steer you wrong!


Bonus Rounds:

Get out of here! We’re talking classic, and cool. There weren’t any bonus rounds back in the “old” days! Nah, we had to put our money in one quarter at a time, and pull the heavy handle down for each spin. Not like these kids now, Just push the spin button and spinning you go. Pshaw! You may however feel that this game needs a Juke box, Martini, and a cigarette to bring back the entire experience. Couldn’t hurt anything right? Oh yeah, we did figure out recently that cigarettes are bad for you. Go ahead and have the Martini though.



You need nine treasure chests to win the 150 coin jackpot.  That looks a lot harder than it really is, I promise.  Keep spinning till you get three tigers. Yes, it’s really that simple and classic. The pay table is even right there on your screen, above the reels, for your constant reference. It’s not cherries and sevens, but otherwise this game is about as classic as you can get. Sigh, I miss those days, do you?


Playing Neptune’s Kingdom on your computer or mobile device:

There is currently no app for Neptune’s Kingdom slots to download via your app store, so playing on a mobile device is much the same as finding the game on your computer.

  •  Open your favorite search engine
  •  Type in: Play Neptune’s Kingdom online
  •  Click and play!