A Night in Paris

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A night in Paris – How to play on your PC or mobile device


There is a thief among us, slithering throughout the Paris streets, shrouded by darkness of the dim lit streets, in search of his next piece of artwork. You need to help Jerome, the security guard and his mighty companion, the bulldog, to catch this burglar before all of Frances famed art is taken for good. Spin through lovers in an embrace, ancient artwork, and French cuisine while the security guard and his pooch show excitement for each winning spin.


3D visuals, interactive tiles, Jeromes talks with his furry friend, and French music plays in the background of this excellent game. With so much going on you could normally expect a lag, but from these innovative game creators, you will find nothing of the sort. Smooth spins show no sign of lag, and the easy to use interface, options, and simple instructions ensure a magnificent experience. 


Although there are no “WILD” tiles, there are plenty of bonus options such as ; free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds. This game has all the frills of any other free slots, and the combination of bonuses creates a winning atmosphere that is sure to delight. 

How to play

After loading funds you have the ability to bet minimum $0.02 to $150 per line. Once you have decided on the amount you want to bid , you then select the amount of lines you want on the left bench and follow it up by hitting spin on the right bench. Feeling lucky, then go ahead and click Max spin, down by deputy dog on the bottom right.