Pharaon’s Gold II

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How to play Pharaohs Gold casino slot game



The theme of this game as you will quite clearly guess is Egyptian, there are images that you would recognise from Egypt including scarab beetles, snakes, Pharaohs eye masks and crosses. The only thing that we can’t work out is why the crosses do not do anything although they appear everywhere in the game. This game has three reels and is a traditional slot machine game. The great thing about this game is that the player has been given more chances to win, by offering them many pay-lines rather than just the one, and so the player has greater odds of winning than usual.


Technical Details

This game has been made to look as realistic as possible and as close to the real thing as well, with every detail covered you will think that you are playing a real traditional slot machine, even down to the buttons and the shine that come from them. Great attention has gone into the visuals let alone the actual game.


Available Bonuses

Instead of there being bonuses the game has the extra chances of winning instead and so with many bets comes big pay-outs. There are many winning combinations to win from and the more money you bet on the active lines the better your chances are of getting a bigger pay-out. So if you choose to play every line with a bet on every one of them then you will increase your chances of winning big.


Playing the game on your mobile device or computer

Playing this game is not hard but will require you to at least have a few practice goes, your experience in playing the game on both devices will be the same. So what do you need to do to play this game? Well:

  • You will need to open up the browser on your device
  • Decide how much you are going to bet
  • Choose how many lines you wish to play
  • Then push the spin button
  • See if you are a winner and if so how much