Robin Hood

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How to play Robin Hood online casino slot



The legend of Robin Hood is known all around the world, but with this online game there is a twist. Instead of all the characters being people they are birds, and all of them can be found in Sherwood Forest. What they decided to do was make Robin Hood a real Robin and the other characters different breeds of birds as well. The other thing that you can do with this game is win in 243 different ways.

Technical Details

This 243 ways to win is a new craze that is taking hold in online slots. So what exactly does this mean? If you get the same symbol coming up on the slot machine and it is on three or more reels that are adjacent to each other, then you will win a pay-out on the slots but they must also start on the first reel from the left. The idea behind this is that it isn’t meant to matter where the symbol falls on the reels. So what they are trying to do is stop the worry of not winning by making your chances of winning increased and in a very big way too.

Available Bonuses

With the added bonus of stacked wild symbols, this is creating an even better chance of winning, the stacked symbols allow you to win in three ways and allow you to collect online jackpots just by one spin of the reels. So your chances of winning have now been tripled. As you would expect there has to be some reference to Robin Hood and his bow and arrow, well there is and this is one of the bonus rounds, this game of archery will enable you to shoot at five targets with each one having a multiplier behind it, so every time you get one of these you will get a very nice bonus.

Playing the game on a computer or mobile device

This game is made to look just like the traditional slot machine of old, and playing it is as easy as it was then. In order to play this game you will need to:

  • Open the game on your devices browser
  • Then decide the amount of your bet
  • Then you will have to choose a single line or all the lines
  • You will have to pull the lever to make the reels spin
  • Wait to see what happens and if you have won or are going onto a bonus game