Silver Bullet

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Silver Bullet Slots – Giddy ‘up Partner


General Introduction:

In case you ever wished you could have lived during the good old wild west days, having duels with ornery cowboys, and riding off into the sunset on your ever loyal horse, this game will take you back.  The symbols all match the theme of the game, and I guarantee you will want to pull out a Louis L’amore book before you’re done playing.  This game is cool, because it’s sort of a mixture between classic slot games, and the newer flashier slot games.  It’s five reel, nine pay line game.  It’s sort of nice to relax and enjoy the game without all the extra graphics and animation, and overload of bonus rounds.



You need five barrels to win the jackpot of $10,000.  How hard could it be?  It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Ok, that was cheesy, sorry.  If you do find it hard to get the jackpot from this game, have no fear because the gun scatter symbols, and the small bombs will get your rich quick!


Bonus Round:

There’s no bonus round in this game, but you can play the dollar ball game at the top, which is a progressive jackpot for real money.  It costs a dollar to play, and it’s sort of like the lottery.  Your dollar buys five numbers, and when the dollar ball numbers are drawn, if you have any that match, you’ll get some real money to enjoy!


Playing Silver Bullet slots on your computer or mobile device:

There is currently no app for Silver Bullet slots to download via your app store, so playing on a mobile device is much the same as finding the game on your computer.

  •  Open your favorite search engine
  •  Type in: Silver Bullet slots online
  •  Click and play!