Simply Wild

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Simply Wild, for those who love the wild card thrill!


Introduction to the game:

Simply Wild is an awesome slot machine gambling game for all the wildcard addicts. Its amazing color combination and extremely innovative and real sound effects give the player an ultimate wild experience. The tense and thrilling game play of Simply Wild provides its players with best possible experience of a wildcard gambling game.

Technical Details:

The game offers the play-line range from single line play up to 10 lines play. The player gets to choose among five varying betting options. Its configuration is 10-line real slot game machine with 3 or 4-real mechanism.  The betting options comprise of:

  1. 1 play-line with scatter ( 3-reels and 1 coin)
  2. 5 play-lines (3-reels and 5 coins)
  3. Wild star icons at 5 play-lines (3-reels and 10 coins)
  4. 10 play-line at the cost of 10 coins ( 4-reels)
  5. Wild Star icons included 10 play-line at the cost of 20 coins ( 4-reels)
  6. One wild card, 8 regular icons and one scatter

Bonus gameplay and options:

The games allows automatic and manual hold feature for the player to hold a reel while playing 1-line. The wildcard bonus feature allows the player to gain higher probability of winning. The player simple has to increase the bid and the wildcards will get introduced into the reel. There is also an extra featuring of winning chances by flipping the coin and making the call.

How to play it on your computer or device?

By following the below mentioned steps you can easily play Simply Wild on your computer or device.

  • Open up the game on a browser window or download it from a legit source
  • Choose the play-line number you want to play with
  • Decide the amount of coins you want to bet
  • Hit the slot and hope to win big!