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Spartania Slots


General Introduction:

Gladiator meets the jungle book?  Not sure exactly what this game is supposed to represent, and the graphics are a little cartoony and cheesy.  It’s still a cool game though, and it comes with a little bit different of a concept than all your regular online slot games.  Anything new or different is always welcomed in the online slot world!


Bonus Feature:

The bonus round is kind of cool too.  A roman warrior has a table full of coins. Keep picking coins with different amounts on them until you’re told to collect your winnings.  It’s totally random how many coins you get to pick.  It could be one, or all of them.  Also a little different twist to this game instead of picking the same amount every time.  It makes it a little more interesting than your regular slot game bonus rounds. And where slot games are concerned, anything that’s a little bit different and holds your attention is pretty cool!



Ok, so the big thing that makes this game different is that at the top of the machine are the numbers 1x through 5x, and each time you press spin, it goes through the multipliers randomly until you land on one.  Giving you a cool multiplier bonus every time you win!  This also works with the bonus feature.  Whatever multiplier you land on when the bonus feature round comes on, that’s the multiplier you get applied to all your extra coin loot!


Playing Spartania on your computer or mobile device:

There is currently no app for Spartania to download via your app store, so playing on a mobile device is much the same as finding the game on your computer.

  •  Open your favorite search engine
  •  Type in: Play Spartania slots online
  •  Click, and play!