Tales of Krakow

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Playing Tales of Krakow casino machine



This game has very bright graphics and has very eerie music paying in the background, it has five spinning reels and has many different symbols in each reel. The story behind this game is one of trickery and skill. This game is based on a Polish story, it is about three sisters two of them have frivolous wishes while the youngest one wants to help her family, one day an old woman arrives and teaches the sisters how to read but the only one who works hard at it is the youngest. An evil enchanter hears of this and wants to marry one of the sisters so he decides to trick them into his castle, but the youngest one manages to save them all, and so good wins over evil.


Technical details

The graphics in this game are very alluring, they stand out and each of the reels has a different character from the story with in them. There is the ability to make quick bets and also bet lines. There is a button that enables you to place a maximum bet and also decide what level of betting you are going to be making. There are numbers down each side of the main screen where the reels are, and when you place the cursor over the numbers, different shaped lines appear. There is also a button that will determine the value of your coins.


Available bonuses

With this game there is a button that is the feature preview, once you have pressed the button you are taken into a cave with a dragon and there you will find three rows of eggs all different colours, you then have to choose an egg and this opens up the bonus part of the game.


Playing the game on your mobile or computer device

This game can be played either on the go or while you are on your computer, all you need to do in order to play this game is:

  • Open your browser on your mobile or computer
  • Then choose the real play option
  • Then go ahead and place your bets choose your betting lines and then spin the reels
  • Once the reels have stopped spinning see if you have won