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Zombies slot game review


To start with this game, the player gets access to the center of the game table which is placed on a town square. The remaining map tiles get shuffled except for the heliport tiles. The heliport tile is put on the bottom of the map of the game while the players are given three cards each one.  The players have to decide who will start the game while the player will be a having three life points and three bullets.

The game is played in following way.

Whenever a player shows a new tile on the map, then he has to place it on the map that links it to other tiles on the map. The player has to place the zombies on a new tile for each new entry point and he has to add the zombie unless the tile is special.  The tiles are considered to be a building steps and the player has to add the zombies in the building together with the bullets and life points that the tile is specifying. The player has to fight the zombie in case it is at the same tile as himself.

How to lose the game

As the game progresses, the player has to make sure that he draws all the action cards so that he can always have three cards in his hands. The players are allowed to play using the action cards whenever they are playing but they have to use only one action card for each round. Until the turn of the player comes up again, then the player should only play one card. The   game ends when the player loses all the life points and he is dead.

How to play online

The player of this game has to ensure that other players do not do well while playing. The player has to know when to use a bullet point or to lose a life point.