European Roulette

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European Roulette – A Spot of Tea with your Bet?


General Introduction:

If you don’t know the simple concept behind Roulette, you have led way too sheltered of a life. The European wheel is a little different than the American though.  With 36 numbers alternating red and black, and a green 0 at the top.  Place your bets and press spin.  It’s really that easy.  Welcome to your new addiction: Online video roulette!



Really depends on who you talk to.  Every and their uncle has a “sure fire” theory on how to bet so you always come away a winner.  The truth is, unless you bet very safely, or are extremely lucky, your chances of winning big gobs of money in roulette are pretty low.  With this online video game, you start with $1,000, and can place your bets as you please. Test your own theories, and if you run out of money, just find another site that offers this game.



The rules are pretty simple.  You have almost unlimited places to place your bets, you can place as many as you want, in any variation or amount.  Spin the wheel, and wait for the ball to find its chosen number.  Collect your winnings, if there are any, and start again.  If you want to bet safely, and always win your money back, try either one bet each on both red or black (this doubles your money, which evens you out) or one bet each on each set of 12. The winning is 3x your bet, so you always get your money back.  It’s not much fun to play like that, but you won’t lose!


Playing European Roulette on your computer or mobile device:

There is currently no app European Roulette to download via your app store, so playing on a mobile device is much the same as finding the game on your computer.

  •  Open your favorite search engine
  •  Type in: Play European Roulette online
  •  Click and play!