Deuces Wild

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Casino video poker games – Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild – an introduction

Deuces Wild is a classic casino video poker game and it is very popular amongst players of casino games. The game uses mainly the same rules as any regular video poker game, but in this game, Deuces count as wild cards, so that a “two” card can help the player by substituting a needed card for making a winning hand. Also, it brings new hand rankings to the usual ones, as now a hand of five cards of the same can be achieved.


Game details

Deuces Wild is played as any other casino video poker game is, with the exception that here are some hands which cannot be done in regular video poker games. Also, Deuces help in creation of regular hands, when they can be used for this. The game can be played with multiple hands at a time, which highly increases the chances of player to make winning hands. The minimum hand needed in order to be paid is three cards of the same.


Bonuses of Deuces Wild

The game offers something new to players who like this genre of games: the wild cards. The Deuces act as wilds, so they can substitute all the cards of the deck and so they can be used in forming a winning hand ranking, whenever needed and possible. Also, they make it easier for the player to form a better ranking hand. And as an addition, they make it possible the forming of a hand with all the five cards of the same, which otherwise would be impossible to realize.


How to play Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild can be played for free, which will only bring fun to players, or for real money, which will help the player win real money when playing this way. In order to play, either way – free or for real –, the player needs to set the bet amount and then click on the deal button to be dealt the five cards in hand. After that, everything works exactly as in any regular video poker game, so the player holds the cards he wishes to keep in hand and then hits the Draw button to change the other cards and sees the results – which the player hopes to make a big winning rank.