Tens Or Better

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Casino video poker – Tens or Better


New Way to Play

If you’re familiar with most casino slot machine games, then you’ve most likely heard about the game Tens or Better. It’s video poker that has been grown to become a fan favourite over the years. It’s the brand of video poker that most seem to prefer, and with no wild cards and max payouts of up to 4,000 coins there are certainly a lot of people who are interested in giving this game a shot.


Better Than Tens

In this particular game of video poker the battle will be between yourself and the dealer. You are first dealt five cards within your first hand. Once you manage to receive the first hand, you can either choose which cards you want to hold or discard as many as you want. Whatever is discarded gets replaced with a new card from the deck. Ultimately you’ll be looking to gain the best possible hand against the dealer. Payout is earned based on the value of the hand you win with.


Other Features

There is a doubly phase that has been included within video poker. This time if you have a winning hand you can attempt to double your winnings by using the doubling phase to create two new decks. From there, if you can create better hands, you’ll be able to cash out bigger than ever before. It’s all about getting those higher hands.


Greater Tens at Home

Try your luck at the Tens or Better game now by playing it on your computer. You can learn how to do this by following the directions blow. It’s easy, and soon you’ll be ready for the real thing at any major casino.


  1. Get Tens or Better on your browser
  2. Download the game
  3. Start the game, make your bets and hit play button
  4. Determine the best poker hand that you can make out of the cards given