Tequila Poker

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Tequila Poker a new trend of slot machine games



Tequila Poker was launched in 2005 and since then it has been rapidly becoming popular amongst all those casino slot machine players who like to play slot machines with card game themes. It combines poker and blackjack game-play features and is much efficient and fast-paced. So now you can play poker, black jack and slot machine all at the same time.

Features of Tequila Poker:

Online gamblers especially enjoy playing the Tequila Poker because of its straightforward play, friendly interactivity and of course because of the crisp graphics of the game. The game is based upon the popular Playtech software which enables it to be of high quality. Another interesting feature is the inclusion of background sounds which make the experience so real and yet these do not cause distraction during play. To the right and the left, one can witness helpful tables which detail the payout listing of both Tequila Poker and of High Tequila. The total number of points the player has gained are also visible; this update helps the player in deciding the bet he is going to take. The total number of wins also shows up at the bottom of the screen.

Rules of playing:

The hand starts in the game after the player has placed his wager which is similar to most other casino games. Then the player needs to place an ante bet and in order to continue playing till you reach the wining point he has to keep on placing equal bets. After the wager has been placed by the player, four cards are displayed and the player gets to choose amongst 3 options of High tequila, tequila poker or fold.

How to play on your computer or device?

You can easily play Tequila Poker on your computer or specific enable device in the following way:

  • First you need to open it up on a browser window after connecting to the internet,
  • Then place a wager
  • Place an ante bet
  • Wait for the cards to be displayed,
  • Now choose amongst the 4 available options and if you are lucky, you might just win the bet or wager.